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which exhaust, torc or hmf

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Trying to do some upgrades and it seems that everyone get hmf. Why is that. Is anyone running the hmf quitecore in theirs? Is it still loud. My other bike has yoshi, I'd like to have something that doesn't hurt your ears when you rev on it. Ebay has the torc and the hmf, the torc is more expensive and it multi-colored, and the hmf looks like solid stainless or chrome. Any help appriciated
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i don't know much about the other pipe but i can tell you this i love my hmf. Yes it is loud but if you put the quite core in it makes a little difference but not much. I was like you at first i didn't want the noise but now since i have it i love it. They also make the quite series pipe and its not much louder then stock. I think rincon650 wife has this pipe and im pretty sure that she was well statisfied with it. Also hmf does offer different colors in the pipe.
I have the LRD Torq pipe and I like it. The sound is deep but not too loud. There is a spark arrestor that you can remove that makes it a little louder. I also like the power increase. I have a Uni-filter and jet kit also though. The only issue I have, it has not affected me in any negative way, is the position of the pipe when mounted. It comes with a nice custom bracket, but the pipe is lower than other pipes. It also sticks out a couple of inches farther. Like I said, though it has not affect me so I am very happy with it. Hope it helps.
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