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Which exhaust should i go with ?

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i want quiet and under 300 bucks , i have a cam and want more power.and what should i run for a plug # and jet .
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I bought my hmf penland pro series off ebay for 248$ free shipping. The power gains were very good and with the baffle in the sound is not much louder than stock but the power gains are less but still sufficent.
really i wouldnt do much more to the motor other that maybe a pipe and a lighter tire would really make a big difference the mudzillas are probably putting alot on it, also you should have all the power you need with a 50 over bore thats like a big bore kit, (do you have any cooling upgrades)
an hmf is pretty good w/o the silent core but w/ it there is very little power gains how much power gains did you get between .20 over and .40 over
thanks for the feedbacks , i m goin with the hmf utility with a quiet core .
i have not finished the the topend and will have it purring this weekend.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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