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Which big bore kit??????

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Ok guys I have my motor tore down after swamping it and have decided to go for the big bore kit. I need some input on which one to go with. I am also considering port and polishing the heads but the shop I have it at tells me that its a waste of money because they come from the factory pretty well clean with no restrictions. Look forward to seeing some feedback on that.....
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i would go with highlifter's kit. i can sell you one for a good price to.
they use good parts but you need a good machine shop to resleeve the cyl and port the head. i think porting and polishing is great and reduces carbon and gives a little extra HP , just find a motorcycle machine shop that does it full time and in-house. not a auto shop. maybe a cam too.??
What can I buy the kit for?
retail from highlifter is :
475cc/cam $439 plus shipping
475cc/no cam $302.50 plus shipping
im about 10%-15% less and free shipping
if you want 28" outlaws they are $480 + shipping depends on zip code
but around $25 for the set .
might have to hook up with u later vet shop i go to is a hl dealer thxs to me but looks like u might beat them for tires, can get a 4stroke tch kit cheaper i think and better quality the mech anic swears by them he built the motor for the class b moto cross wheeler this year
Hey vett how do I get in contact with you? I am probably going to get the bore kit from you after the first of the year...
vett I just saw the email so disregard this last post.. I will email you.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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