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Which ATV to Buy

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I am going to buy a new quad for my 11 year old son. He has been riding for 5 years now, first 3 on an LT 80 and the last 2 on an 05 Recon. He is a very good rider for his age and can go most places I can with my 500ES, except for the mud (2 wheel drive and no ground clearance).

I want a 4 wheel drive and am wondering if I should get an 06 350ES or a 400AT (06/07). His foot get tired from shifting the manual on the floor. I don't want liquid cooled mostly for the weight and complexity or I would probably buy a Kodiak or the new 420.

The 06 350's are almost all sold out. The downside of the 350 is the full time 4 wheel drive (could add the Warn front shaft). But the power is good I think.

The 07 400AT has the 2/4 wheel drive option but I am concerned about the power.

Any opinions out there would be appreciated.
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The wife had the Rancher 400AT and she did not like the torque converter ..( or whatever that thing is in there )..She said that it felt like it was robbing power. I have also owned the 350. Yes, the 350 is full time 4wd...It is an AWSOME bike. The 424 kit is a GREAT investment. You won't get the power or ridability of the 350... In my opinion...
Get the 350 it is a much better bike i dont like the 400at it is a automatic i believe and in deep stuff it cant spin even stock tires........I also have a buddy that has a warn 424 kit for that bike that i know he wants to get rid of cause he doesnt have that bike has never been out of the box the straps that go around the box havent even been broken
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