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where ya from?? what do you ride??

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hey canadains where ya from and what is your ride ??

i am in port colborne ont. and ride 2004 Rubicon 26"mud lites ,warn winch and fairing,twist throttle
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I live in Pefferlaw up near Lake Simcoe, Have you been to a mudser run??????, The name is familliar
I live just west of Burks Falls and ride a 98 FormanES Basically stock. I use it for hunting and fishing to get way back in. We have 200 acres so have lots of room to run the machines. I still have the 2 3wheelers that I bought back in 85 and run them alot in the summer.
yes autoguy i have been to a mudster run with warrior great time had !!
the one he had back in the late summer where warrior had to be trailered out? I was there.
the one he had back in the late summer where warrior had to be trailered out? I was there.
he he i saw the pics of that ride. i was at the ride when warrior frist got his twin peaks i didnt go when he had to have his King trailered out
from western Canada, on the provincial border between sask and alberta. I ride all over from the rockies to the prairies. Check out for good trails in my area.

I ride a 350 Honda and a XR650L
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I'm from north eastern British Columbia. A town called Chetwynd. I ride an '04 450es with lift, 27" mud bugs, and pipe, filter, dynojet kit are on the way. My wife rides an '01 350es with lift, 27" mud bugs. Both bikes have 2500lb warn winches, a must around here. Later all.
Hi. Im from Dugald Manitoba Canada. 30 minutes east of Winnipeg. I ride where ever i can.(Whiteshell park , Sandilands, fireguard rodes in Aggasiz forrest)

04 Rubicon 27 inch Mudlights,ITP c-series 5 wheels, Perfex long travel lift kit,Warn winch.
Hi, I'm from Barrie, Ontario. I riding an 05, 500 Foreman ES, bone stock.
I ride all over Simcoe county, mostly Ramara & Severn Twp.
I,m from Powassan Ont. ( 30min south of North Bay).Tons of sled trails to ride on and forest access roads. Lots of mud and lots of rock.
Nice Type R
Thanks but i have to say It's not mine it's my buddys who works beside me ,he loved the two yellows. I have a Civic SiR ( they call it just a Si down your way, )and it's black not yellow.
Im from Saskatchewan. I have a 01' 450 S with 27' mud bugs, dynojet, K&N and a HMF on the way from the US. Love to ride but limited on places around here. I climb over or go through every little hill, vally, and puddle i can find. What I wouldn't give for some mountains and trees.
I'm from Bracebridge, ON and I ride a 05 Rubicon CDN Trail Edition with 26" Bear Claws. My wife rides a 02 350 TRX with 25" Bear Claws
Hi, I'm from Cold Lake, Alberta. Endless riding in this area. I ride 350 with mudbugs, wife rides 350 with bear claws, daughter rides 300 with spiders
Where U from?

I'm from Calgary, AB.
Edmonton Alberta but this pic is in Lodge pole Ab
im in abbotsford bc i rid all over but mostly in chilliwack and harrison hot springs love to ride to the hot tubs but ive also rid in vernon bc and all over the fraser vally i like the web site for trip reports and to find some places to ride o ya i ride a 99 foreman 450 waiting for an exhaust to ride again and i have an xr 650 l 03 too. sorry its
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