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Where to Wheel?

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Howdy all,

Where are some places to ride in Texas area? Im here in the Spring area. Since they shut down Spring Creek, there isint much to choose from that is close by. I have been to crosby one time, and to general sams in Huntsville, but dont care for it that much as its priced high in my opinion for a small area. Favorite place to go wheel is as Shiloh Ridge, but looking to see if there is anywhere to go for a day trip.

Any of you meet up to go ride as a group?

Wife and I enjoy riding, but sucks when your alone and get stuck. So limited where we can go ride at. For now , we just ride behind the house in the field, and along the creek beds where the grounds are pretty firm.

Thanks all,
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Jacksonville, tx has a couple of really good parks I believe. I think it has mud creek park and river run park, both of which are really good from what I have heard.
Try Mel's during the week(open 7 days) or Down south offroad(Fri-Sun) both in crosby on old 90 right as you pass over the river. We ride out there at one of them atleast once a week. Down South really is the better park, but its only open fri thru. sunday.
Burkeville in south east tx is the best place I've been to I'm going this sat. It's called sabine atv park. I can't wait til sat going to test the new snorkel out
Just for reference.. There's another place in Splendora, TX which isn't far from Spring. It's called Creekside, or Creekside Edge and is close to 400 acres if I remember correctly.

On my way back from Cleveland a few weeks ago, they had a concert stage set up.
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