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Where to pull from?

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Where do yall pull from on your 500's that is strong and does not do damage?
Im referring to if you have to be winched from the rear..
And if you use a snatch block on the front, where do you hook the line when you double it back to the quad?

I can see putting a Dring in the hitch area, but who wants to hook that up if your burried to the seat?, but I can no problem.
But what about the front? Thats what I havnt figured out yet.

Pictures and ideas more than welcome here.
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Well I haven't gotten to the point of being recovered by another vehicle on my ATV yet, but I know from getting stuck in my truck it's really a pain to dig down to the tow point. In my pickup truck I attach the strap to my hitch or to a d-ring and throw the strap in the bed of the truck. I have seen alot of people do this on an ATV too. Attach a D-ring to the trailer hitch and attach a strap to that. Bundle the rest up and use some bungee cords or somethin to secure it to the rack. Just be careful to leave a bit of slack for suspension travel, but not enough that the strap drags.

Otherwise just attaching a strap to the rack usually works if you're just being pulled out by another ATV.

In the front there really isn't any good tow point. The rack is really your only option other than buying a tow hook bracket from Highlifter or something.
Yea I do the same thing in my truck. Pre attach it and throw it in the bed or wrap it around the brushguard. It really sucks having to hook it up after your stuck.

Is the rack strong enough to be winched?

where are the tow hook brackets located on highlifters site? I looked but didnt see anything
I looked on HL as well but they only make them for the Foreman 450. I did a search for 'tow hook'. The rack should be strong enough to winch from, I've done it a ton of times back when I had my old Foreman 450. Just make sure it's on the main part of the rack and not that little cargo securing bar. That winch line will totally wreck the paint on the racks though.

The only other thing I can think of is the Montana Jack's receiver system. Basically mounts a Class 3 style trailer hitch right under the cargo box. Bolts to the frame and looks real clean, and they make it for the front and rear. Only problem is the price.

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QUOTE ("bnjeep":35s3p2hb)
I like that.

as for the Montana Jack's system. That could work for the rear but not the front. it would come out the same place the rollerfairlead will be mounted as soon as my stuff gets here.
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