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Where to get mudlites mounted?

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I've got my 27" Mudlites on the way to me. UPS is performing abusive testing on them for the next few days. When they get here I'll need to have them mounted on my wheels. It that something I can take to Discont Tire or do I have to go to an ATV shop?
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any tire shop should be able to do them thats if they want to. I did it here at honda so any machine will work
Its geeting hard to find tire shops to mount tires. I went to 3 shop slast time before I found one. I even tried offering cash, for a back door deal, but most national chains, i.e. Tire Kingdom will not do it.
bring them up to my work if you lived in orlando i would do it for ya
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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