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Where is the stator located at on a 400??

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A buddy of mine has a '97 Foreman 400 and he is having a problem with spitting and sputtering on the low end. I mean sometimes it just flat out dies!! He has replaced the coil, the rectifier, carburator, you name it. Now, he is thinking that it may have something to do with the stator. Any thoughts on this? Any info will be appreciated!!

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Did you try an inductive pickup timing light or inductive KV tester on it to make sure it was in the fire ..?.. The pulse generator (which is at the rear of the engine with the alternator) is easilly tested but if the bike runs it will probably test good ..Also test the AC sensor line ..

Here is the tests from the 1995-02 TRX400FW PDF shop manual.. .

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I don't think he has tried either of these tests. What exactly does the AC sensor do?
the stor is under the back plastic on the frame. mine did that and i replaced the spark plug
Right behind the pull start cover rear of engine
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97 Honda foreman runs like **** when u start it for 5 to 10 seconds then clears right up and runs great... Seems to hesitate like its in reverse but I know the fuel system is good I put a good used stator and pickup in along with new cdi box... Before I installed those parts it didn't have spark when u would use electric start only when u pulled it now it runs just runs like **** for the first 10 seconds??? Help please!
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