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Where is 5A?

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I have a friend who lives off of I-95, Exit 191 in Melbourne. Is this near any of the good riding? How far away is it? Anyone have a map of the area? Thanks guys!
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5a is north of melbourne not far at all a couple exits.
if u come to melbourne there is riding there...... i live there and ride there. its aight havent ridin there in like 3weeks though. thinkin bout goin today.
In about 3-4 weeks ill be going up for the weekend and plan to stay with my friend. Ill be looking to ride all day saturday and sunday morning! Anyone have a general map of the area, as to where i have to go?
let us know when you are it the area. We can ride in grant, 5A or SE
rode grant last nite...... i cant remember the last time iv seen it so dry. lol o and yes i found the only mud hole out there and was ridin alone and got stuck. i framed out. had bout 8inchs on all 4s till the tires would hit the ground. lol good old eurobro came to my rescue with the rancher so i cant wait for the rainy season to get here.
thats funny. when the **** is he getting the beater up and running?
he better hurry before grass season gets here
lol hes hopin by the rabbit run.... all hes gettin done to it is the 4wheel drive and the new casing. we actually rode for a little while after he pulled me out. was weird ridin out there and everything was dry. no water anywhere. cept for where the springs were.
guyss, let me know when your'e going,,,,I waanna ride with someone who knows the area.

went out last weekend and got stuck once in the muck,,,but spun the tires to clean them and whammo,,,,got grip and got out.

[email protected]
prob not until it rains..... was watchin the weather today and there thinkin this is gonna be a rainy summer. more then usual.
QUOTE ("civicex0202":25h6qzgd)
prob not until it rains..... was watchin the weather today and there thinkin this is gonna be a rainy summer. more then usual.
Woo hoo VA-CAY-SHE-ON for me then.

Mullet, long time no type(ing).

Im thinking he just started on working on the ol tank and should be done in 2 wks or so depending on part deliveries(can never trust those mexicans wearing brown) ooooh wait what am I talking about I think I am turning mexican from being bombareded by them 24/7.

Until next post....tip high, grab low!

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¡el su comenzar uniforme ahora a mecanografiar como un mexicano!
his to begin uniform now to type like a Mexican
Even in English it still makes no sense
ok im about to go to 5a in my truck since its so dry robb said he wants to gets his truck stuck.
That should be easy.
Hey guys..I live in Melbourne and from Melbourne at I95...takes about 45 minutes. You have to go north of Titusville on I95 and its the last exit before you enter Volushia County. Been there several times. Hope the distance doesnt throw you but its a little farther..Sorry
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