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where does it go

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I took my bike to the dealer for recall work. I finally got the chance to look it over during the weekend, and when I took the belly pan off I found a bolt rolling around in there. I cannot figure out where it goes it is 2 3/8" long with a 1 3/8" spacer section before the threads start I don't know what size it is but a 10mm wrench fits it. I am thinking it came off the housing somewhere because it was kind of oily, but I don't know exactly what they removed when they did the recall. The reason I don't take it back to the dealer is I don't want to go though that again. I let it run for a little while in the garage and checked for oil leaks but did not find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Sounds like it came off the front cover. Was it the clutch recall?? There are about ten bolts that encircle the cover. Its probable the pain in the tail one on the bottom. Stand the bike on its back rack and pull the skid plate. Thats the easiest and fastest way to access it.
I was both recalls clutch and tie rods
OMG!!!!! did you take that bike to the same jerk i took mine to?? i swear to god, i got my foreman back from the clutch recall business and i had just received my new aluminum skids and couldn't wait to put them on. glad i did. when i removed the plastic skid, there was one of the clutch cover case bolts laying there. also the fine dealer workmanship showed. they didn't bother removing the 4 bolts on the stock skids and just let the oil from the clutch housing puddle up on it. no more dealers.
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