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Where Do I get a Fender Kit?

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Where can I get a fender kit at and around how much?
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you can get a fender kit at highlifter i think around $100. a lot of people just just take the brackets off and bend them however they need to keep them from rubbing.
did you try

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you can bend yours and it'll work fine. i saw JRICH install his and they are very heavy duty and offer tons more support than the stock setup.

he got them from highlifter
Yup... They are a huge improvement from stock and were about $100. Moose also offers one which is pretty much the same design but not as good of material as Highlifters. I want to say theirs are about $60. theyre website is

- Jacob
Go with HL
QUOTE ("BGRDForeman":26xmctr2)
Go with HL

I agree. The fender kit is the same material as their 2" lifts.
I used a 4lb hammer one mine and it worked great IMO
i snorked mine a while back, and well the bud light was playing games with me and i put the pvc rigt where the fender mount hookes to the frame. the HL one doesn't even thave that right? never seen one. any one got pics? right now i cant' put any weight on the floor board, just the peg,

No, the HL kit bolts to the foot peg and to the lower frame in the front. I had the same problem with my snorkel... the kit takes care of that and is a whole lot better than beating the brackets in. If you have any kind of aggresive tire you will hang up on the stock brackets.
i got mine from for i think $98 and they are way better than stock and easy to install
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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