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Where are the Rincons...

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Umm...Hello...I am getting concerned that I am the only post on the "Rincon " section in 2 weeks. Did everyone sell their Rincons..or is just no one is having problems with them. I spend most of my time in the 500 section because no one ever post here. Am I all alone here....... Hello Hello Hello ( Echo Echo Echo )..
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I'm here and the bike will be fixed as soon as highlifter ships my parts.
Oh...Black Rinney...Thank God you showed up..I was about to become a vegetarian. What happened to the bike. It was running great Saturday?
It was over heating like crazy. I notice the fins where all bent up, so I ordered a new radiator.
Forgot to tell you, My head pod went blank after I left you. Thanks to the help of Honda Mechanic...I found that the 10 amp fuse under the seat blew. Lights, gas, ...all of the guages...GONE...Wow, what a scare. Dont know what caused it but its fixed now. By the way, I am welding a really nice contraption that sticks out the front of the bike to hook a rope to for pulling. Kinda like the one Vaughn has. You have a wench, so you dont need it. But if you have any friends that do..Let me kow.
Will it still fit with the winch. The winch is broke too, but I do have the parts to fix it just no time.
Ouch...What did that set you back..Any other damage from the overheating. The other guy that I was with ( That I work with ) overheated his bike 4 months ago, and he ended up trashing the rings. He was driving the yellow Honda Foreman 450 and Saturday was the first day with the new rings in the motor. It took 4 months to start smoking like a mosquito truck, but its fixed now.
Nothing got hurt from over heating. Thanks to a temp gauge, I never let it get over 210.
Yes...That is the good thing.. I plan on using flat stock and having it bolted to the frame using u-bolts. I am going to weld the same flat stock at a 90 degree angle coming straight out of the lower front opening of the bike. I will attach a carabeaner to the end and have it trimmed so it just barely sticks out and paint it black. It should still work with the wench. I will send pics when it is done on Monday. I am tired of comming home and beating the piss out of the front skid plate when i twist it up pulling people.
You got a temp guage??????????? I got an idiot light...Guess that goes with the driver HaHaHA. Was this aftermarket?
its aftermarket
Sweet.. I wanna see it next time. This may be my next mod. It sounds like its a life saver. I gotta get up at 5 and its 1030. Beddy ByeTime. I will get with ya tomorrow. C-YA
to be honest most rincons are posting on
I wish i had a rincon but i don't ....but i'll talk to you anyways.
QUOTE ("Rincon 650":wkj0194j)
Oh...Black Rinney...Thank God you showed up..I was about to become a vegetarian. What happened to the bike. It was running great Saturday?
What is wrong with bein' a vegetarian?
you can't eat some wonderful red meat like filet mignon or a good fresh cut T-bone done on the grill to perfection ......darn i'm getting hungry just thinkin about it.that's the only bad thing i see about being a vegan beside the fact that you kill plants
To be honest Railroader..I have totally forgotten why I wrote that... There goes that memory thing again.
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