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Where are the best mudspots at?????????

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Hey guys,can you tell me some good places to ride atvs in Louisiana.I know about Catahoula recreation,but anywheres else.Can yall send me some info on the places.thanks
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There is suppose to be a new place on the other side of Kinder, there is a post on HL's site about it. If I find it I will post a link. then there the Spillway by New Orleans. Not to much around here anymore, we have to travel to ride.
i got a few local places around patterson, la.

actually, it's about a 5 min. ride from my house.

we ride from my house straight into some trails to the mudholes....

i think i am about an hour and a half from breaux bridge...
Lucky!!!!!I only have the ditches behind my house to mudride in.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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