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when i get deep sometimes it dies

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2nd problem. when i get to snorkel depth my bike dies but not all the time and when it does die it sounds like you put your hand over the snorkel but there want be but alittle water in the breather box. my snorkel has leaked since i put it on but the bike has never died before. thanks
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Did you do the usual venting of the carb, putting di-electric grease on the spark plug. Plug off the overflow on the carb with a golf tee or screw?
How long can you ride with the overflow on the carb. plugged off before you have to take it out? I found mine and it has a oneway valve on it, but it is only about 10 inches off the ground.
what is with putting di-electric grease on the spark plug, what does that do
You can ride with your overflow tubed blocked at all times. The only time you need to take it out is if your transporting your quad somewhere or if it is flooded out from being tipped over.

Di-electric grease keeps water away from electrical connections (ex. spark plug.)
Puttin' dielectric grease on your spark plug is probably the most important
thing to put grease on. I have to do it to ours just about every single ride.
Especially if we plan on ridin' a lot in the water.
i have the hi-lifter snorkel and it is vented, and i have dielectric greased the spark plug and a one way valve on the carb overflow. I am thinking of running the vent lines up to the snorke. I have had the snorkel on for almost a year and have always taken it in deep water but yesterday was the first time it has ever died.
Definetely xtend the carb vent lines onto the handlebars.

Also, I found that even with all of that done that mine would stall. Well found one of my problems which was the spark arrestor or whatever it's called needed di-electric grease as well. This is located in the fender well above the right rear tire. Small box with metal fins on it with a plug going to it. Pull the plug off that and put some grease in their as well.
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