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When does your rev limiter kick in (1st and 2nd gears)?

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Mine seems to around or just before 1/2 throttle in both gears. I can't seem to get my air/fuel mix right (seems rich now) and I just want to compare to someone who has their sh*t right. I've got a HMF utility with the 170 jet, 'bout 2.5 turns out on the air/fuel mix. Thanks.
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Your Rev limiter is RPM controlled and the ECM shuts off the spark, I don't believe that it has anything do do with your bike cutting out at 1/2 throttle. To much or to little fuel at mid throttle may cause it to die out. Try dropping the needle to lean it out a bit or pull the choke out when it starts to die out. Hope some of this helps. Water in the bottom of the carb will kill the bike as well .
Thanks for the reply. I may try to drop the needle. Just trying to get the most power out of my pipe and jet kit.
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