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I've had my Foreman 450 for about 3 months now, and with all of the riding I've done....never have I been able to get the front wheels off the ground to do a wheely. SO WHAT IS THE SECRET? I've seen pics of numerous people doing them... My bike never acts like it even has the power to lift the front end...UNLESS I am coasting backwards when I hit the gas in first gear.




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I find them tough to do with an es model but I can get mine up in 1st gear by sitting back on the rack and hammering on it, or put you feet on the back rack. A little incline helps allot or putting it deep in water. Good luck
as Harry said it can be done with alittle help, I done ever try it on dry ground because it puts alot of stress on the rear end.
Sounds good....but I don't have any deep water to get into around my house. Maybe I'll have to take it to some water one day.

Superman dont let my post scare or stop you from trying, I run big tires and my bike has alittle age on it.
thats probly why my u-joint blew up lol, but i can get mine up in first without popping it into gear from a dead stop and i can get it up by popping it into second from either a dead stop or while im doin bout 2-4 mph and shift gears while it is up threw 3rd and some times 4th. and i am runnin 29x12"S on the back and 29x10's on the front
it is easyer on a small incline and pull back, i put my right foot on the rack and use my left to shilf gears on my 300. beleave it or not but i can go through all the gears, this is on my 300 or even my old rubicon. not to brag but i am pretty good at riding wheelies.
stock it will not , but with alot of mods sometimes. mine gets up on pavement and thats with a ES . it not easy on foremans , very front heavy.
I've tried a couple times and its really not something I'm dieing to do....but I just wondered really if it was possible since the foreman is so heavy in the front. I don't want to tear anything up. I just see vids every now and again with people riding wheelies, and thought it was pretty cool, but I've never really seen a video of someone doing a wheely with a Foreman. UNLESS they were in water.

ya u can ride a wheelie with a foreman es model if your good i got a 2005 foreman es i can go through 4 gears starting in first im got into 5 once.... its funn.. my dad can ride them on a rubicon like cheese lol hes good tho...thats my 2 cents
once dad got out stock 05 foreman 500 es to do a wheelie from a stop from 1 to 3 with him 320#, my sister 220#, and the cooler 30#
ya jwjr i can do one by my self with my dog with me on 4-wheeler
my dad can do 1.. all he does is rev it up and drop it in first and he's runnin vampire swamplites all the time 4x4 and he breaks the back 2 wheels loose and pops it up each time with no problem... My dad has a good technique when he drops the footshift into first with it reved up.. i dont no how he does it but he feels it and knows right when to drop it without messin somethn up...
just drop the clutch from 1st to 2nd gear with one foot at the shifter and one on the back rack and nail it (i weigh 130 15yrs old) and lean back just balance it through the gears 2500 miles no trouble from it yet
i have a es .no shifter
ES is the harder model to do, but if you get all your weight to the back of the 4wheeler and pull back you will be able to wheelie. you may not be able to shift the gears right away but if you practice than you will get better.
ya mad mudder..
you said that all right
as long as u start in 1st gear u could go to second and then after a while 3 4 and maybe 5.. if u dont run out of road or field or yard... now go show all ur friends ur new wheelies.....
or i could buy a can am 800.
dont waste your time on one friend got one 1000 bucks worth of stuff went that were not covered in warrenty in a year. wnt to another shop got all the parts for 400 bucks. can am has there stuff covered there are few after market parts and they rape you on price, from a dealer
ya ya ya all u candains just keep bragin over u quads all u got it top speed on the american made quads...
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