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Wheels Think I Got A Bad Deal

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I ordered wheels and tires from hi** LiF*** and they sent me wheels for a IRS bike. They are trying to make it right they are sending some wheel spacers for the rear for free. My qusetion is how well do the wheel spacers hold up and will it make the bike look right? Or do i need to argue with them and get the right rear wheels?
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IMO. I would have them send the correct wheels for Foreman.
you don't want the wheel spacers, they will put extra stress on your axles. have them take tthem back and do it right. nothing less
i wouldnt take the spaces. because you paid for wheels with the right back spaceing. not wheel spaces. plus with the wheels hanging out that far you would be covered with junk everytime you ride
yeah send them back man get what you paid for. forget about the spacers. plus i would say that i wanted some money back for poor service. either off the wheels or free shiping.
It's not bad service, they're trying to make it right. Why are people always looking to get something-for-nothing. People make mistakes, period. Spacers on rear will not hurt a thing. If you want the rims you paid for than tell them just that, I have yet to have bad service from HL.
I have never heard of anyone I know having a problem with them either but they shouldn't offer a solution, that is in my opinion just trying to make something work, when they should have sent you what works from the beginning. You should get what YOU, the customer, wanted.
"something for nothing" i know what something for nothing those are the people that i have to deal with everyday at work . if i would have sold these to this guy i would have had to take some off the price and get him the right ones which he ordered. not say here some spacers have a good one.
I talked to Scott at high lifter today and he is A++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are going to take care of my problem and send me new rear wheels. Right now i don't beleve i would shop any place other than high lifter. Scott want to make me happy.
After this if high lifter is higher on their products I will still buy from them. Great coustmer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did they do anything else for you i.e. refund some money or free shipping or anything like that?
glad it worked out for ya
They are takeing care of shipping and up gading my tires to 12" in the rear instead of 10" at no charge I am verry happy with them!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats GREAT!! I was going to tell you to ask for Dan and he will take care of you. I had a bad wobble on my tires and they paid for shipping back to them along with replacing the bad tire.
Now thats the kind of service you would expect from a large company such as HL. Glad they finally took care of you.
Good to hear there are still company's out there that care about the customers.
I'm glad to see this worked out for ya and you can chalk this one up to good customer service.

Good job High Lifter!
Almost everthing on my bike was bought from HL. They have always treated me well. I am glad the fixed your problem and gave you a little extra for the mistake.
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