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after all the bolt on's i have put on my bike it will only pull the wheels off the ground about 6in. i guess i need a big bor kit one day.
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A foreman will stand straight up in all stock trim, even with over size tires.
I know how he feels I've tried everything and can't get more than about 6 or 7 inches I just figured I needed a jet kit and exhaust and tires cause when i hit the gas to pop it up it just spins the stock tires. so now i gess the bolt on's won't even help me either.
mine never would stand up but it has always had a **** of alot of power even more now. it don't fall on its face it is very very responsive.
the foremans arnt the easiest thing to get to wheelie. got as much of you wight as far back as you can or though you lags on the back rack (easiest) and the way i do it is nail the gas hard in first and not let of the gas completely and shift into second and as soon as you shift nail the gas hard again. usually i can get about a foot, but i could do more if i wanted to.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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