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when i got my foreman bored out and with the clutch kit i was able to ride a wheelie on dead flat ground at a dead stop. i was amazed that i could do that, (i could pull the front tires all the way up and my back rack could hit if i stayed on it.can anyone else do that?

has anyone ever shifted into 2nd gear when riding a wheelie i have poped the front wheeles up in 2nd going up a hill and i could have rode it out but a tree was in the way!
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and u wonder y it smokes lol j/k ive never seen ne one shift but im sure u could if u got to the balance point
Yes it can be done, right up to 3rd gear. 450es was easier than new
500, but it can be done. Wheelies are the only way to go threw a mud
hole. Rear wheels go into mud first then your front drop down and can start pulling. In first gear hit full throttle then 2nd wheelie heaven. Just look back and watch everyone else try and make it. Been there done that.

my dads foreman can wheelie to 2nd but i can get my wolverine all the way to 4th and hold it there.
QUOTE ("dukez71":g6n4umhg)
my dads foreman can wheelie to 2nd but i can get my wolverine all the way to 4th and hold it there.

Does dad know you're riding wheelies on his ride? j/k. Man, I run over trees without doing tricks, know I would kill myself pulling these stunts. Guess I am getting too old and less brave. Took weeks to get over that darn pine tree that I put a dent into with my body.
when my bike was stock i could put it in 2nd and ride a wheelie( flat ground and from dead stop. now that i have all my mods it feels like it has the power but i have not tired it yet. Prop. will try tom. if the doc. says i can walk.

walk?? what happen?
u guys need to talk to eurobro and Rubicon3303.... there the wheelie kings around here in central florida. iv seen them go as far as they can until having to put the bike down due to something in the way.
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