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Wheelies in Water?

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Can anyone tell me how to keep your foreman alive longer while your doing a water wheelie. I dont know if its just me but i cant ride one very long cause it bogs down and dies if i ride it to long, ive tryed to give little gas at a time that seems worse and somtimes i give too much and back rack touches ground is there something i can do to ride longer?
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use the force my son
are you plugging your drain line?
I zipped tied mine sideways which was hard to believe when I heard about it but it works
when u water wheelie need to block the overflow tube to yer carb.
No i havent plugged it or any thing should i zip tie it sideways or just completley plug it? Does it hurt anything if you do plug it and then if i do should i unplug it every now and then cause im sure its there for a reason, thanks for the help guys..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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