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Wheelies at last !!

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well i got the old foreman to pull the wheels off the ground.
i installed the hmf and ajusted the pilot jet some (running a 136 DJ main)and straight up, plus $600 in parts and machine work. haha.

This atv would never lift the wheels up stock. Am i the only one with a ES that cant wheelie stock or with a jet kit ??? now in first gear and a tug on the handlebars your seeing clouds and i 27"s.
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lets see some vids, I haven't tried to hard on mine with the reduction kit, I afraid I will strip out the rear axle. I'm supprised it hasn't let go yet. But on hard ground at a dead stop, if I goose it, it will raise the front up about 6"- 8". Here is on the only vid that I have that shows the front coming up.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... %20026.wmv</a>
how s that timing key workin out , did you get it in yet?

i dont have high speed and i dont know how to host vids yet .
havent got it yet, but will let u know.
Still trying but no luck, bikes running excellent now, so i don't want to open up the motor, But one day i will have to then let the wheelies will begin
????? whos that sentence for
Vettepin your not the only one that can't do water wheelies with an ES. Now i think i'm the only one
no water wheelies , im talkin about from a 2mph roll or dead stop on pavment and grass
Sorry about that, i was watch Dirtyforeman's video i thought we where talking about water wheelies. Still can't do any wheelies. What kind of engine work did you get done?
i have :

($$$$$$ INTO IT)
27" zillas
HL clutch springs
KG hd band clulch springs
web cam
port and polish head
DJ jet kit #136
clipped carb spring
HMF pipe in red
k/n and prefilter
snorkel 2"s all the way
DGL on the frt wheels
.010 deck on the head
wiseco pistON .050 over
10:1 comp.
new oil pump
.......its fast ........PRICELESS
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i can bring the front end off the ground and hold it and when i can get to 4th gear i can ride it till i feel like i want to let it down.
Good Job. That's some nice engine work. I guess you need all that stuff to be able to do wheelies. Maybe one day
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