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Wheelie question

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Is there any way to keep the motor from spitting and sputtering when riding wheelies? I know it has to do with these motors being carbeurated and the angle the bike is at when riding a wheelie, but there has to be some way to keep it from happening. Other than buying an EFI model of course.
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foremans arnt mad to ride wheelies.. lol
**** i cant even get mine to pop up much less ride a wheelie must be me wheels and tires wish i could figure out what to do to make it tho
i can ride wheelies on mine...all day long if i have enought room. and back tires are the same air
he might mean wheelies in the water
PERIOD might will not come up
I'm talking about riding wheelies on land and keeping the motor from sputtering. I have no problem bringing the front end up and that's with the bike being all stock motor wise and having 27" Swamplites. I've even got a 3000lb winch on the front. For that matter I do my wheelies starting off in second gear. The power is not a problem at all it's just that the motor spits and sputters while carrying the front wheels. I can keep it running and keep the front end up, but it just sounds terrible and I'm sure the throttle response is suffering.
i just always didnt ride them as steep, if you can dip the front down everyonce and a while to keep things working good. its kind of hard to do that on a manuel 4wheeler but you get the hang of it.
Could the float in the carb be sticking making it to act up?
You can't go straight up. You have to go a little lower
ive got mine snorkeled and jetted with 27x12 mudlites,i can stand mine up all day long on land or in water.but even with mine stock,it never did sputter once while i was wheelin
When i laid my 06 500 ES over on its side a while back, I let it lay there for a couple minutes running, while I assessed the damage to me.
It never missed a beat, I had to go over and hit the kill switch to shut it off. She was still prurring like a kitten. I dunno about standing it up right though.
I think they all do different things, everytime I have put mine on it's side or top it's died.
Depending on what gear your in, if your holding it wide open maybe your just bouncing off the rev limiter.
my foreman will pop up in 1st and 2nd gear... no problems. i can stand it straight up and ride all day as long as the room is there.
lol, the only way I can wheelie mine is coming out of a pond from a water wheelie. Didn't know you could get one to do that. But i've water wheelied mine straight up and fell off the back, hopped back on, pushed it forward and still no sputter, but I think that's mainly b/c I rejetted with the snorkel, exhaust, and what not. It runs a whole lot better than stock now. It used to not run very smoothly, but it purrs like a kitten now
how much are yall reving it up then popping it into gear to get it to stand up or are yall just putting it in 1st or 2nd and then gassing on it?
1st gear... you don't have to lean or do anything, just gas it and it pops up... 2nd gear, at a complete stop, all I do is lean back a little, gas, and ride the sweet spot. when i bought it, it smoked like a freight train on fire but it still had a bunch of power so i took a chance. i put the bbk, changed all the fluids, cleaned the oil coolers, flushed out the crank case, and it stopped smoking. it added a little bit of power but i think this bike was just born
stock 2nd I could just gas it no leaning and stand mine up no prob. with my 27s I have to lean pretty hard but still I just gas it from 2nd
i never could get mine to stand up it would just spin the rear tires in 1st 2nd and 3rd from take off in dirt. in 3rd it would pull the front tires off the ground for a lil bit in dirt. if i power braked it in 4th and got the rears spinning, hot and smoking pretty good on concrete and let off the front brake it would pull the front tires off the ground and carry them for a little bit. but never realy got it to stand up probally because of the small tires though.
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