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Wheel/Tire for AT400 2004

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I'm looking for a second set for tire/wheel for summer time. I want to keep my OEM tire/wheel for winter. I plan to get them pinned for next winter.

As you probably know , there's no 11 inches alu wheel on the market for this ATV because original size on the back is 24/10-11. Even on front 24/8-12 tires are hard to find. So I have a dilemma.

1- Go for 25/8-12 front and 25/10-12 rear alu wheels with ITP Mud Light. But I have some concerns. I know the speedo will be offset by few MPH but my biggest concern is about the transmission. On the 400, you have the ESP and the automatic. A tech at a Honda dealer told me to run in ESP mode only because bigger size can affect the programmation of the auto mode. I'm aware that with a bigger size I will loose some power. I'm not looking at 26 inches.

2- Buy a second set of OEM steel wheel and get the Kenda Blear Claw tires on it.

What do you think ?

Thx in advance for your tips.
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Sorry if too late to your question, I bought OEM rear rims 12'' and bough26' mudlite xt's. THey turn great in mud without any issues.

I have the stock tires and rim but isnt worth a lick even in wintertime.

Check out my Webshots site below. I just got 4 Super Grip tires with Super Grip aluminum rims for $399 and free shipping. Recieved them in 2 days. They look similar to Mudlites. Got them from an Ebay store...
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
25" Mud Bugs and some Douglas Rokstars that is what I would go with
Update: I bougt in May 12 inches Type C-7 from ITP with 25 inches Bear Claw.

The look is very nice and the ATV is self is more stable. My only concern now is the low torque of my Rancher. My transmission slips and make a noice in rough situation like going uphill in the rocks or in sand dunes.

Does any has experienced the same issue with your Rancher. I know this set of new wheel/tires is heavier than the stock one but I would have not expect this kind of situation. I saw some of you with 26 inches and more agressive tires on the little Rancher. How do you made it? Mechanic modifications ?
I put 25" all around on my 05 400AT. Holeshote ATRs and ITP wheels. I don't see any affect of speedo or horsepower. Ride is much better than stock tires. These rims don't bend the lips like the stockers do.
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