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Wheel studs

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Has anyone broked wheel studs on an 05-06 foreman yet? I broke one this weekend. Forgot to re-tighten the lug nuts on the new rims. Lost 5 lugnuts and ripped one stud out. Honda shop said I had to buy the whole hub assembly, couldn't just buy a stud. 48 for the rear, 60 for the front. Something doesn't make sense. Shouldn't you be able to separate the stud from the hub.
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Get studs from a different year like a 2004 TRX450FE/FM
Take one out and go match it up to a napa store or advance auto auto zone thats what I would do. I work at Napa and we always have people coming in with stuff like that from trailers atvs to tractors. shop around and see what you can find first.

i broke one off the rear of mine by over tightening, i took it to the dealer and he wanted to charge me a gazillion $$ to change it... he ordered a hub for me with lugs and everything for right at $100.

pain in the butt to change it but at least i know it is genuine honda parts and don't have to worry about one popping off (unless i am the one tightening it..LOL)
i broke all 4 of mine off at one time....i think it was dealer mistake when they took off that tire they either tightened them too tight or not enough so they covered it under warranty

sounds like they didn't taighten them enough and they were loose enough to make the rim move back and forth and they just popped off...**** dealers, it's hard to find good help these days...
hey guys thanks for all the input, I looked on and found some for the 06 rincon or rubicon, which ever one it was that comes in 500. I always get those two mixed up. I wasn't sure if they would work though, since the dealer told me that I had to order the hub. I thought that there would've been a reason for that and that I wouldn't be able to use studs off of another bike. Is there a reason to it Honda Mech, or are they just trying to get some money.
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