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Wheel Spacers

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What advantage would I gain by puttin on some 1.5" spacers, as far as i can tell it would make it less tippy, and would help grab the sides of the ruts
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And get you even more muddy!
you would be able to put bigger tires on without rubbing and it would put alot more strain on parts, i always wanted a pair or 1" for my rubicon to make it less tippy. i think they would be nice to have but i would not get them unless you had to.
If you ride in wooded areas and on tight trails, you might end up tearing up an alxe when you and your bike go straight and your tire catches a tree and comes to a dead stop... Watch your width clearance..
hadn't thought about catchin the tree there, i'm just thinkin it might help the bottoming out situation
You may bottom out more with spacers... The closer the tires are together will help you ride over things where the wider may cause you to strattle them and bottom out. You may not have the option to drive one wheel over something but have to strattle it. Just my thoughts...
the only big downfall to adding spacers, is that they put more strain on your wheel bearings. I run 1" on the front of mine to even the tires out
it will not mess up the bearings on the back
I have a Brute Force 750 with various tire & wheel combinations. I had previously bought 4 spacers @ 2" each. The bolt pattern is the same on the BF as on my'07 Foreman so I can use all the wheels on both bikes. I use the 2" spacers on the back of the Honda and everything works GREAT. From 45" with ITP 14" wheels and 27" Mudlight XTRs without the spacers to 49" with the spacers. The wheels were setup for the BF and just got lucky with the Honda!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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