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wheel spacers

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were can I find wheel spacers for a 03 350 rancher 2x4
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I can tell you definately...Dennis Kirk..But you may also try maybe Highlifter. I know that they deal in lifts, but they may also have spacers. Good Luck..
try HL.the wheel spacers from the front disc brake kit are about 1/2-5/8" and just slide on or get a set of 4/110 wheel spacers from rocky mountain atv.most of these spacers will work as they bolt on to the existing studs and then have another set of studs to bolt the wheel warning tho.I noticed that when i added the ITP wheels to my quad with the spacers it does have quite a bit of offset to them,not excessive but enough that it will yank the bars out of your hands on trails that normally didn't.I got a steering damper to correct this but you may not have the problem with a 2wd rancher.
I have not checked their site but we ordered a set for my friends rincon from and found that Matt will go above and beyond.
A quick search on Ebay will bring up a few
were can I find wheel spacers for a 03 350 rancher 2x4
If you're looking for a reputable brand of wheel spacers, BONOSS is the way to go. They're very well built and will hold up well. I bought a set used 3 years ago and they're still perfect.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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