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Wheel Question (ITP and Stock)

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First question, does anyone know if this wheel:
ITP C Series Type 5

Is much lighter then this wheel:
ITP C Series Type 4

IS there a significant weight difference between the two??

Second question. Do the ITP wheels only come in 12x7? Isnt that the width of a stock rear wheel? What is the advantage?
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QUOTE ("JF450ES":2r9v873t)
The only disadvantage I had with the steel ITP were debree and tree parts getting in between the tire beed and wheel.This would cause thr tire to leak air over 2 day's.Maybe it was just me and the tight tree/mud trails we run.Other than that they are xtra strong rims..
YEa mine would get stuff in the bead of the tire and leak a little
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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