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Wheel Question (ITP and Stock)

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First question, does anyone know if this wheel:
ITP C Series Type 5

Is much lighter then this wheel:
ITP C Series Type 4

IS there a significant weight difference between the two??

Second question. Do the ITP wheels only come in 12x7? Isnt that the width of a stock rear wheel? What is the advantage?
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Type 5 = 7.5lbs
Type 4 = 10lbs
Anyone know what a stock Foreman wheel weighs?
I just shipped a set out .
Fronts 11 lbs
Rears 12 lbs
QUOTE ("flipstick":3pkhre5n)
I just shipped a set out .
Fronts 11 lbs
Rears 12 lbs
Perfect, thanks!!! Thats what they weigh by themselves, or packed up?
QUOTE ("Robb":n8eya2e4)
QUOTE ("flipstick":n8eya2e4)
I just shipped a set out .
Fronts 11 lbs
Rears 12 lbs
Perfect, thanks!!! Thats what they weigh by themselves, or packed up?[/quote]

Lightly packed up

The MaxLite 8-Spoke is built to fit some of the most popular utility ATVs on the market. This stylish new wheel is constructed from rolled aluminum with a cast aluminum center. This method of construction produces an exceptionally strong, but still lightweight wheel, weighing only 7.5 lbs. MaxLite is up to 16% lighter than competitive cast aluminum wheels and 45% lighter than steel wheels of the same size.

To add to the wheel’s overall strength, both styles are produced with a closed, rolled edge. A closed edge acts as a light reinforcement ring, adding to the overall integrity of the wheel. It also eliminates mud accumulation, which can lead to wheel imbalance.

Additionally, the MaxLite’s highly polished finish sheds mud better than other machine-finished wheels.
I wish they made them in black
Get 'em powder coated.
QUOTE ("raveer2000":261w1oj2)
Get 'em powder coated.
yeah i was thinking that, but then a half way affordable wheel quickly becomes over a 100 bucks a piece.
No, Robbs not in to powdercoating, but there is a place off Hwy 50 by Best Buy that can anodize them for you. Can you say GOLD. Bling Bling.

There is a powder coater across the street from my shop in Melb. My brother in law had his Tiburon wheels coated black, they looked pretty sharp.
Ive had wheels powerder coated before as well, turned out awesome, and very durable, but its just more $$
Ye sbut I wouldn't feel right spray painting a wheel you just spent $70-80 on.
A power coater is only around $130 and you cn use a house over to dry it. EASTWOOD company sells them. I will be buying one soon. DO IT YOURSELF>.. MY WIFE WANT THE RACKS ON HER RINCON POWDERED HOY PINK. LOL
Go buy a junk stove and put it in the garage. You will never get the smell out of the oven.
I was gonna suggest that. You can also use a small toster over for the small things.
I do believe you can get 12x7 in ft and 12x8 for the rears from ITP,I think that's what I had on my 450.Get ready to be filthy and have sore fore arms....
Anyone know the weight of a ITP steel Delta wheel? There must be a reason they are so cheap.
Probably the same as the original rims,metal with black paint only...
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