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Wheel off sets F&R?

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I plan to pick up a new 2006 Honda Rancher in the near future, and want to get tires and wheels for it at the same time. I want to go with 25" tires on 12" wheels. My question is, what offsets should I be looking for as the Honda's change alot front to rear? Should the rear wheels be wider? I'd like to set at about stock width, or like 1" wider per side if possible.
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If you order new rims they will come in the correct offset for you. It will be about 1 - 2 inches wider than stock. When you order them just tell them what bike, year, rims and tire size you want. When I ordered my claws I only had to tell them I wanted the 27" claw combo on c-series type 4 with caps and lugs for a 2004 Honda Foreman ES. Look in my pics in sig to see how wide it looks compared to stock width. They are 27/9.75/12 F and 27/12/12 R 25s should be the same width.
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