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Wheel Bearing Squeak

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I have an 06 500 ES with less than 140 miles. It seems as though the front wheel bearing are squeaking at very low speeds. Has anyone else had this problem or could it be something else squeaking. I have taken it in water only up to the floor boards.
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Are you sure it's not the front disc brakes? Try holding the front brakes slightly and see if the squeak goes away. Mine do it all the time. A little bit of dirt will get between the pad and disc.

If not I would take it back if it's still under warranty or you could take it apart to make sure theres grease in there. It's not hard, take the wheel off and the main castle nut and your in.
Thanks! I held both front and rear brakes while moving and it still squeaks, thats what made me think it was the bearings. I plan to jackup the front end tonight, spin the wheels and see if I can replicate the problem. I hope it is just the disk brakes.
ya it might be the brakes but then again i had bout same amount of miles and both bearings went out of mine. its honda stupid design on the disc brakes thats my 2 cents
brakes for sure, mine is doing the same thing. Really annoying.
Brake squeak on mine too.Mine's done it since the day I brought it home!!
My Rancher also squeaks from the front brakes I have heard take the wheel and cover off and spray brake cleaner. I believe that it is just brake dust and no big deal.
its the brakes because mine does it when i am in 2x4 and i have to back my bike down a steep hill and into my grauge and i use the front brake instead of the back and it squks like ****
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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