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whats your opinion

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just got done with wheels and tires.The tires are 26x10x12 and i just spray painted the wheels let me know what ya think thanks
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It looks pretty good !!!!
not to bad, did you do the insides also?
Looks good. I like the look of the stock wheels black much better than the silver.
what year did they make the blue foreman?
hey bump530 mine is just 2 wheeldrive and it was made in 2005
yeah i thought i had hurd bout them makin the 2wd in blue. i wish they would have made the 4wd in blue, i would have bought that instead on my black one. oh well.
You can get the 07 models in blue as well. Looks good, don't like things blacked out though, think I would have bought new rims.
I've got an 05' Blue 2wd. Thats a spititng image of my bike.
I think it looks real good. im about to paint my stock wheels for extras.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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