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I really hate to have to keep defending this bike. Everyone gets the idea that these bikes are garbage because of the 2% of people who run these bikes with 29.5's and maxed out lifts and beat the crap out of them and then complain to everyone that the bike is weak and poorly built when something breaks. I have 2005 with 1700 miles its fully snorkeled front and back, it's been sunk once and is submerged almost every ride its been on since new. It doesnt burn a drop of oil and it has never had any mechanical failure. Ive done the front bearings and brakes once and the rear shoes once, as well as 1 torn cv boot. thats it. I will also say that I keep up on maintnence and keep my bike clean. The only reccuring problem I see on these bikes that hasnt been adressed by honda is the front output shaft seal that leaks, not a dificult fix that warranty will cover. Basically what im trying to say is that this is a good bike that is worlds ahead of the 450.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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