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Whats up with the 500

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I'm reading a lot of problems about the Foreman 500 on here. Are these 4 wheelers that bad. This does not sound like Honda to make something with so many problems. I have a 450s and so far the 500 does not sound near as good as the 450. Hope that Honda does something with the 500 so when it comes time to replace the 450 that i can get a 500, but with the problems right now i would not get a 500.
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I love mine so far, but the transmission seems to be a little weak.
I've got an '05 500 Foreman and have not had any problems out of it thus far. I got the TRX500TM model with manual shift. The problems that I have mostly heard of are from the electronic auto transmissions.

From the posts and complaints that I've read - most seem like they could be from how the ATV is being used. IE, sinking, and general user 'abuse' that the Foremans were not designed to be used for in the original design.

I'm really particular with my vehicles and maintain them regularly. I hope mine performs and lasts as it should. That is why I bought a Honda.

doneking has a point, if they are treated well, and not abused they will last fine.
treat it nice and it will treat your wallet nice, whats that saying- treat others as u would like to be
524 miles on my 2006 model and no problems so far.Very economical to run,gets 40+ mpg when trail riding with my family.Mine is also the manual shift transmission.
I have a 06 Foreman 4x4 ES and have only had one problem and that was a leaking output shaft seal at about 100mi. Since then I havent had but one other problem and that was it stopped running, cause? HMF exhaust without changing the jetting. This is a solid utility quad.
my 2006 has got 506km
get rid of the 500 and get a 450 your worrys will be over with
I love my 500 manual shift! My first bike...if that tells you anything! Regular oil/fluid changes, and a nice bath after each ride. Over 250mi so far, zero real problems. I also plow snow with it...I don't know why I even own a snow shovel.
well lets see ummmm 1.) leaking outputshaft 2.) angle sensor went out 3.) throttle positioning switch went out (4) broken axel..............yep i would say that i have had some problems with mine but i still love it
i have replaced all 4 ball joints and bearings on both sides but mine lives in muddy water so thats why mine went bad, when i took mine in for the recall on the clutch pack they also had to replace the crank, other than that i have put 2300 miles on it
I just think that they should be as good as the 450 is. I have had good luck with my past and current Hondas and looking for the same.
Why were the 450 Foremans considered better?Aren't the 500's basically a 450 with just a different engine and plastics?
I havent had a problem with mine.... it has seen all kindof crap. Ive replaced the front left wheel bearing, but its been in creek water, way too much mud. replaced the front brake pads. and its got 1975 miles on it now.. it has stayed on the rev limiter more than most bikes get driven. it stays wide open most of the time on our rides.
i have flipped it over in a pond, and filled it up with water.
changed the oil 8 times. oil was clear, and so far so good.

I love my bike..
i put the Perfex Long Travel Suspension Kit on it,, it rides very smooth, has plenty of power to turn over the 26" MSTs, and pull anything i want it to.

and out of all 5 of my friends that have 500s, we have had no problems.. except one of them put the oil filter in wrong and messed his up... with 200 miles on it.....
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QUOTE ("plumcuda":169j1dvi)
Why were the 450 Foremans considered better?Aren't the 500's basically a 450 with just a different engine and plastics?
No it's a whole different bike.

I have a 05 es and have had little problems with it. The only thing I have had do fix was the cluch needed adjusted because when they did the recall the dealer did not put it in right. It did not shift right and that was the only reason I knew someting was wrong. IMO there as good if not better than the 450's.
basically all that it comes down to is what someone said up top it all depends on how you treat your bike if you are just doing moderate mud and trails your more likely to have less problems but as for us people that cant stand to be out of the swamp and water up to the headlight pods we usually are the ones that are on here complaining when are baby is broken lol
I really hate to have to keep defending this bike. Everyone gets the idea that these bikes are garbage because of the 2% of people who run these bikes with 29.5's and maxed out lifts and beat the crap out of them and then complain to everyone that the bike is weak and poorly built when something breaks. I have 2005 with 1700 miles its fully snorkeled front and back, it's been sunk once and is submerged almost every ride its been on since new. It doesnt burn a drop of oil and it has never had any mechanical failure. Ive done the front bearings and brakes once and the rear shoes once, as well as 1 torn cv boot. thats it. I will also say that I keep up on maintnence and keep my bike clean. The only reccuring problem I see on these bikes that hasnt been adressed by honda is the front output shaft seal that leaks, not a dificult fix that warranty will cover. Basically what im trying to say is that this is a good bike that is worlds ahead of the 450.
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buy a rubicon 500
i dont know

i am sick with the 500 but i know that it is all my fault!!! i have broke just about every in my bike , i now have brand new crank, trans, piston and valves and broke front axles and rear diff, and the clutch drive plate, and all new ball joints and bearings. i sure there is something else i have broke but i know that i ride mine hard in the mud and ive usually go with my friend on his artic cat and we go though just about the same stuff and the only thing he has boke is his trans. with 29.5s so im selling the poo.!!!!
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