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whats the longest youve seen an atv run?

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How long have you seen an ATV run (miles wise)?
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my old 98 400 had around 12,000 when I sunk it.
I was at my local dealer earlier this fall and He was telling me about one He had on consignment had 35000 on it. Thats right no bs 35000! can't remember what year.
my father has a 1997 foreman 4x4 he has 19,000 miles on it. We do regular maintenance just like the book has told us. We have also had to replace the two cuplinks and front drive shaft twice. Thats it, and then basic stuff like bearings every year, and usually a new set of brakes every 8-10 months. Dad won't buy another one says he likes this one to much. Its pretty much stock except for the 25 in stock tires he got when i bought my 06 foreman.. It just keeps on going though
I have almost 9,500 miles on mine. My neighbor had one with over 10,000 on it when he sold it. It was still running good when he sold it.
my 99 foreman has 15000miles on it and my 86 350fourtrx must have at least double that!!
a buddy of mine has 18000 miles on his 96 foreman 400
This picture was taken Feb.6/06 ... The guy drives 75km 1 way to work 5 days a week ... So there's several thousand more on it now ..

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I had a 1988 Fourtrax 300 2WD that I sold last year. I rode it at least two or three times a week, anywhere from 5 miles to 25 miles at a time probably, depending on how much time I had. I have no idea how many actual miles were on it, though. I think I got it from my grandfather in 1995 or so, and I have no idea how much he rode it. For some reason, Honda decided not to put the digital displays on the '88 models...go figure lol.

Anyway, if I had to guess, I'd say it was somewhere in the 20,000 mile range. Oh, and it ran perfect when I sold it last year, completely original motor and everything.
This picture was taken Feb.6/06 ... The guy drives 75km 1 way to work 5 days a week ... So there's several thousand more on it now ..

Sure would be cool to be able to ride your bike to work everyday!! Especially with the price of gas now!!!!!
No idea how many miles, but my 1984 Big Red 200ES hasn't stopped running since we bought it, a few oil changes later, new muffler, new brakes (twice), starts on every turn of the crank..
This may be more of an update to my post above, but my Foreman 400 just wet over the 10,000 mile mark! Still no engine problems ( knock on wood )
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