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Whats the first thing you did to your foreman?

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What is?
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Tires and wheels.
winch tires snorkle
winch, cuz even with tires you WILL get stuck. Rather get unstuck than to get deeper in the hole with no way out.
thats what i'm talkin
Dielectric greased everything and rerouted all the vent lines. Then wheels and tires.
snorkel, but the tires and rims were ordered at the time I was waiting for them to come in.
sunk it
I rode it....haha, i put HL lift springs on it.
Tires& Lift
QUOTE ("dano":2dmwx630)
No suprise there!!
Lets see, tires, winch, lift, DGL, Snorkled everything,Rims, 424 and on and on
tires then snokel
bulldog what size outlaws do you have on the back
the first thing was my triangle snorkle
1 - 20 of 101 Posts
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