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Whats the deal on scheduled services?

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I just bought a new Foreman and need to know when I need to have it serviced.Didn't think to ask at the dealership. Also are there any special things I need to do to get it ready for hunting season? I'll be running it in flooded rice fields and it will be left sitting in water up to the motor most of the time.
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If you are going to be setting in water and driving through it, then put dielectric grease on every plug connection and the spark plug, then after the hunting season is over I would pull the brakes check them for water and regrease the seals. I did my oil like the dealer said at 100 miles or 20 hours, but some run it hard for a few hours and then do the first change.
Like Harry said. Change all the fluids at 20 hrs (oil and diffs) Then at 100 hours you should adjust the valves and change the fluids again.
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