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Whats the best

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what is the best tire in the mud and easy on your four wheeler?
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Laws are the best mud tire but I chose 27" Bi/Tri-Claws because of ride. They do everything I need.

well i had 28" outlaws and they just beat me and my 500 to death. so i need something that gets me through just as much mudd as they did but not as rough.
How do you think some 27" Outlaws will do on trails. I do a lot of mud riding but need to hit some trails en route...Im also considering the 27" Bi/Tri Claws. These are pretty much the two best tires out there right?
27" mudzillas. They are smaller and easier to turn, but **** to trail on.
i had some, great in mud, no rough ride, but do not ride on road alot
definately vampires,
I love mine. They're great in mud, ride pretty good on hard surfaces, and works great on the trails. The only bad thing about them, is that they are a little heavy, but I would still recommend them!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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