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What's the best wheel bearings to use?

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I just changed mine about 6 months ago, now i have to change them again!!

I haven't been riding much lately but i jacked up the ride so i can get the wheels off to paint and i moved the wheel to check and it was pretty bad off.

i want to get something that will last longer than that.
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I think the best ones to use are the ones that are already pressed into the knuckle

they are a pain in the arse to get out

not really.
Highlifter double sealed

i saw some on their site and they were like $90!!

the stock ones are $20 each.

I found some on a different site and they look exactly the same and they were about $50. so i may try those...

so the HL bearings are sealed? so that water and grit won't get in right?

I though the stock bearings are sealed, but I guess the definition of sealed varies...hahaha
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