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What's the Best Trail and Rock Tire ?

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Looking to buy a second set of tires for just trails and rocks
Running ITP 589's now but in my opinion they are too harsh for long trail rides and rock climbing.
Just looking for some advise and opinions
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Holesot ATRs, Big Horns or even Dirt Devils will do well. The radial ATRs will probably handle the best on fast paced trails.
ITP Mudlites. Especially for rock climbing. The mudlites are 6-ply so they are real tough, but the rubber softer that really makes your tires grab hold of those rocks. Don't let the soft rubber scare you though. These tires are built to last. They are awesome trail tires too.
i like the mud lites for a trail tire because they don't wear you out. the ride very good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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