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Whats the best tire for plowing in ice and snow?

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I recently picked up a moose plow for the front of my honda 450 ES and I am looking for the best tires and wheels for plowing in the ice and snow that we get up here. We have a gravel driveway that normally picks up quiet a bit of ice and snow through out the season. My JD 455 has normal turf tires and we just add chains and go with a 42 two stage snow thrower on the front. What would folks recommend for a good tire for the ice and snow up and for normal trail riding in the summers?
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Here in Michigan I plowed with a 1994 TRX300 4x4 and tire chains worked the best on stock tires.Then come summer I would put on the 26" mud tires.
MST's are supposed to work well in those kind of conditions. I haven't run them yet but plan on putting 27's on shortly.
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