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Whats the best fix...

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What would be the best fix for this...Its the front right CV Boot closest to the pumpkin. Do I have to completely uninstall the front axle, or is there a simpler way. And when I do, is there a type of boot to buy ( one more durable ) rather that the stock POS that it came with..

Signed, mechanically inclined, but not a expert Honda mechanic.
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Talk to vaughn. Theres a guy in dayton that rebults the whole axle for like $55.He built both of vaughns front axles last year.

Good luck
Just order a gorrila boot (much stronger) and put it on. Those are not that hard to do at all, less then 30 min with the right tools.
These Gorilla Boots. Do they wrap around and seal...or does it have to come apart...I am really trying hard not to disassemble the whole front tire, hub, A-arm, ect....
You will have to remove the axle on that bike ..
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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