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Whats the best all around tire, need to know ordering soon?

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I thought i was locked in bi/tri claws, but as of right now money is a little short right here before x-mas and i want something now. i have two options get bi/tri big foot kit on ITP delta silver rims, which i know very little about but the package is alot cheaper, or go with another all around tire, heres the others i have come up with, would like any opinions on any of them

Mudlight XL's
Dirt Devil XT's <---------I was leaning more towards these based on price
GBC Gators
Maxxis Mud Bugs
Kenda Bearclaws
ITP 589's

I do like 50% trails, 25% mud, and 25% in deep water, so i need a smooth riding good mud tire that my foreman can push, im looking at 27" tires in any of those listed above.Will the ITP delta's make my foreman alot heavier? How well do these rims hold up? Sorry for so many posts and questions im looking to get something over the next week or so I need as much help as soon as i can get it, thanks so much may also step up to type 4 ITP's if i can get my money right, at tax time next year i plan on buying bi/tri claws, let me know all your opinions on these tires an ITP delta silver rims
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I would have to say none of the choices, I think that the ITP Blackwater XT is the best all around tire.

That or the 589.
If you want the Claws, just wait a bit and save for them. Don't spend that much money on something you don't really like or want.

All of them perform well in most aspects of ATVing. One is not going to dramatically outshine the others in all areas.

You are going to hear a lot of varying opinions on tires. What do folks you ride with use? Is there one that works better in your conditions?

(Mudlite XTs have a deeper lug than the XLs if your looking at those.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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