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what's a good deal?

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Hello all. New to the site. I'm looking for a little advice on a good deal. Have any of you bought a new 07 rubicon? If so... What did you pay for out the door price? I need to know where to start my offer.
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I'm not sure about out the door, but I bought my '06 yesterday for $5,999 I think. But we added wheels, mud tires, boot guards, winch, and larger rear I'm not sure I could help you with 'out the door price'.

hope that helps a little
Some dealers will try to charge pdi and freight. That adds up to a couple of hundred bucks. You really have to shop around.
Welcome Brett

I'll agree with fossil and Shop around and
ask questions about the Service Dept

You might not need it but best to have a
dealer that treat's it's customers right before
and after the sale
$10,200 canadian in alberta for a 2006 rubicon. This is ithout a winch installed.
I just purchased an 07 rubicon for $6650 out the door. I'm not sure if this was a "good deal" or not.

Ride to Chattanooga and get one for 5783 out the door.

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Chatanooga was great, and I almost went there, but the dealership I went to came within $200 or so of Chatanooga, and I'd have spent over $200 on gas driving to Tennessee.

And one dealer (Mohler's in Bastrop, LA) did try to charge me $350 for freight, but I never planned on buying from them. They are known in these parts for awful customer service, and for coming up with any charge they can think of. I only went there to test drive the wheelers I was considering, because they are the closest.
Don,t know I bought my 06 rubi used with ITP 26 Mudlite xtr wheel and tire and warn winch and skid plates with only 40 hrs on it four $4,000
Thanks for all the input, I think I'm going to take the add from southern honda and tell my local dealer to match it or I'll spend the $180 in gas and make the drive. Ride safe, see you on the trails and in the mud.
QUOTE ("putang59":18vtle0m)
$10,200 canadian in alberta for a 2006 rubicon. This is ithout a winch installed.
$8999 at Blackfoot Cycle in Calgary and you get a winch with an '06 Rubicon.
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