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Whats a good cheap rim?

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I was just curious, what a good cheap rim would be that would look preety nice with some 25 mudlites on my 450. i got the xl tread, iam a power hungry kinda guy and didnt want to lose the power through the size of my tires. i was lookin at the high lifter rims, and they seemed to be a pretty good rim? ne suggestions?
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the highlifter dna rims look good....the itp deltas also are good cheap wheels
would the high lifter dna's be a pretty good, durable rim?
are the motosportalloy rims any count? they seem to have a pretty good look, whats the quality?
ITP DELTAS and cheap,reliable,look great, and are light!!!
lessons just sent me a catalog and there selling itp wheels off of left over big foot kits for $25 a wheel i think it said black with chrome lip, silver, and i think black.
where can i see this at? is there a website?
yea ill get it today for ya
Can you send me an emai laddres for this place?
the number is 1 866 leesons

just ask them about there blowout sale with the take off itp bigfoot kits.
I will call them tomorrow.
Does leesons have a email adress? I woul like to know the shipping cost to Alberta ,Canada .The after market parts up here are nuts compared to the US ,with shipping and exchange it's probably still cheeper
Leesons still has wheels. They have the Delta Series ITP. $25 + $8 shipping in the US.
Good Cheap Wheels = Stock works for me!
QUOTE ("Robb":yvzddj0c)
Good Cheap Wheels = Stock works for me!

ill second that
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