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what ya think

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does anybody know if you could bolt our tranny to a rincon motor cause that would be awesome have a big stroker motor with those bigger cc's
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thats an interesting thought for sure. Crossed my mind. I wish atvs were like cars with seperate trans and motors, jus make an adapter plate then.
you cant do that because your trannys are internal and for the rincon the have a torque convertor so i am sure its totally different.
I have heard that someone was trying to bolt the top end of a rincon to the case and trans of a Rubi. But that was about 6 months ago. Haven't heard anything yet.
well i kinda feel dumb but if the head on a rincon could be put on a forman block that would still mean bigger power cause of the bigger piston right jumping the cc's of the engine
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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