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what would you do?

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I read it the other day, sounds like they are standing behind there mess up and with the extra year of warrenty that they are offering, I see no problem with them rebuilding it. I would ask for a loaner as someone poster there.
only 10 hours , and you just loss major resale value ouch. and big dealer should just eat the $2000 and sell it as a used bike ,and give him a new one .
everyone is going to have different opinions on the subject. What do you think will happen if he pushed the issue on a new bike? I think they will let there lawers handle the issue and I couldn't afford to do that over a bike
i would leave the bike at the dealer and call KAW and say they messed it up and then all **** would go down . im a **** riser that s all , i dont like being walked on .
I wouldn't say hellraiser I would call it immaturity. The dealer is bending over backwards, even paying for gas that the guy used to bring bike back. If the dealer told him to take a hike that would be a different story.

Just an accident, dealer is taking responsibility and all will be good.
Dealer sounds like he is trying to fix the problem.I would let him rebuild and then if i didn't like it. I would raise ****, but let him know if i don't like it, i want another bike.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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