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what type of oil to use

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I was thinking about using valvoline 10w 40 is that a good choice or not?
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I would only use honda oil 10w-40 for a 06 and 10w-30 for a 07.
Any oil that is the right weight and doesn't say energy conserving should be fine.
I would only use honda oil 10w-40 for a 06 and 10w-30 for a 07..
Can someone give us an explanation as to why Honda went form 10-40 in the 06 Foreman to 10-30 in the 07 Model.
Mechanically what has changed?
I have used Valvoline Motorcycle 10-40 4 stroke oil for years in all my Honda 3 and 4 wheelers. I have had excellent results with it, it has the wet clutch protection Honda oils have. Its not quite as pricey and my local Auto Zone stocks it. I do not have to drive 15 miles to the Honda dealer and pop them over $5. per quart.
Use the honda oil recommeded in the owners manual. First of automotive oils will ruin you clutch. Second sure the honda oil is a little more expensive, but you are risking damaging an expensive engine or clultch to save 10 or 15 dollars a year. (At the most) Pay for the oil and save a lot of grief in the long run.
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