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Have seen and read a lot of info here but maybe I missed the info on what to look out for when buying a used atv. Wish I would have know a little more and have seen some questions on the subject so thought I would add my two cents and see if anyone else wanted to add on. Usually there are some kind of minor problems when buying a used atv but it's no fun when there are many and it's nice to know what you are getting into either way.

Things to check and look out for when buying a used atv...........

Any codes flashing or seen on the display.
Good idea to remove front skid plate and check frame for rust on older models.
If it has been snorkeled, I would never even consider buying it.
Check oil drain plug, they strip out very easily if over tightened.
Jack it up and check all four wheels for play.
Look at all the boots, check for oil leaks.
Make sure it goes into 4WD.
Check rear foot brake pedal for stiffness. (if so will have to be removed and cleaned, no big deal)
Of course listen for any grinding, clunking or strange noises.
Smoke. (did I really have to say that)
Hot wired (okay, I'm just being mental now)

Anybody care to add to this, be my guest. That's all I could think of at the moment.

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I like to also step back and look at front end and see if its straight, if things like a rear wheel sticking out farther on one side over the other, as if in a roll over and bent something!
same with bars, are they pointing straight when tires are pointing straight!

inspect inside air filter, look for MUD, or if it is modified!, also just how clean or NOT the air filter is
folks that take care of things, tend to have cleaner air filters than those that don't!
check OIL, does it look brand new? if so, could be a warning
also smell oil> does it smell like fuel?

inspect battery area, see if any wires look damaged or modified! Mice like wire insulation and well, many folks THINK they know more about wiring things than they do! LOL

wheels , are they dented up rode hard , will bend them pretty easy if on stock wheels!

miles and hours, do the reading seem to match the condition of the atv??
or just if WAY high, are you up to doing motor work , as higher odds of a motor in need of something when hours and miles get WAY up there!

these would be some add on's to me!
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