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What to get next?

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I am debating on what to get or do next to my rubicon. Any suggestions?
Shock covers

Not to sure give me some ideas :
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With all the water you like to play in I suggest the snorkle.
If i do a snorkel i dont want it to look like chads or robbs i want it kinda stealth looking so i dont have to cut much plastic
Just run pool/spa hose inside the headlight pod. Thats the cleanest. As long as you keep the top headlight out of water you'll be ok.
iN SIDE THE HEADLIGHT? how would you do that
I think he just meant that area.
Oh ok got ya guess well have to take a look at it robb
No if there's room run in along the stearing stem into the bottom of the pod. I have also seen a guy at the Black Hole with two smaller snorkle hoses, 1" I beleive. Ran through that same opening out and ziptied to each side of the handle bar.
I ma sure ill figure somehting out
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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